How To Create Desktop Shortcuts for Web Pages

Simple method for all browsers to create a shortcut

Create Desktop Shortcuts for Web Pages

Sometimes it is important to have a really accessible shortcut of a web page to make it super simple to get back to an article or guide. We suggest creating a shortcut on your desktop. It's easy to find and fast to get back to a web page, for instance, after a reboot.

It's important to do these steps on the web page you want saved. If you do the following steps on this page, you'll end up saving a shortcut to this article instead.

STEP 1 : Resize The Web Browser

Resize your web browser window so you can see both your computer's desktop and the browser window on the same screen. To do this, cast your eye over to the three icons at the top-right of the browser window - the middle icon restores the browser so it's not maximized.

Save web page to desktop - Restore web browser window

STEP 2 : Click URL Icon At Left

Click and hold the icon immediately to the left of the address bar, where the website address (URL) is displayed. Important: Don't forget to do this on the web page you want saved!

Save web page to desktop - Drag icon of URL to the desktop

STEP 3 : Drag The URL To Desktop

While still holding the mouse button down, move the pointer to an empty part of the desktop, then release the mouse button. The shortcut of the web page will be created.

Save web page to desktop - Web page saved to desktop


If you open the shortcut you made, your default browser will open and display the page for which you made the shortcut.

Hint: You can also drag and drop items to the desktop from the Bookmarks or Favorites menu, and the Library window to create shortcuts.


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